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i never remember to write in this thing.

let's see
let me shout to laura- happy birthday!!
the past several weekends have been pretty cool. and by pretty cool, i mean amazing.
gap has been blowing me, seriously. i have an interview at children's place tomorrow. i'm pretty excited.
sleeping in until 5pm on sunday really helped me catch up on my sleep.
i watched "once" last night. what an incredible movie. i also watched "into the wild" the other night. i need to figure out what i'm going to watch next.
easter is this weekend, i'm excited to see my grandparents.
saturday night after work is andy's goodbye party. i'm going to miss him so much. i'm going to have to fight back the tears when we go to the airport next week.
i'm so ready for summer to get here. hopefully when i get this new job, i'll be making bank. and i will buy a ticket to bonaroo without putting myself in the poor house. so bonaroo, the beach with my family and laura, and hopefully lots of mini-trips.

diana, where are car gang boyfriends!?
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