EMOLK (ohkeenowel) wrote,

livejournal is extremely useful. you can always count on people to read it.

i don't feel i should have to be careful with what i'm saying, because of who might read it.

nearly everyone i know is two-faced. and everyone loves to talk shit. it's a bad combination. i've said this before, but i've done a pretty good job of filtering out what i don't need in my life. and what i definitely don't need, is people starting drama, when i couldn't care less in the first place. i'm tired of seeing people constantly chooses sides, or being forced to choose sides over shit that doesn't mean anything. i care a lot  about my friends. my friends. not the people who talk shit about me behind my back. not the the people who judge me for things that they aren't concerned with.

it may be surprising, but i'm actually happy with most of the things in my life. and  the things that aren't so great, i'm doing the best i can. i'm sorry if i want nothing to do with childish bullshit.
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