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a minute or a minizzle?

work is going well. i'm happy with the managers we have, and i'm glad that bitch is finally leaving!

i feel like i'm slowly but surely filtering out my friends. i'm realizing that people don't usually deserve half of the credit you give them. for real, they deserve a smack. i need to start some damage control. i'm tried of certain people running their mouths. and then! claiming it , you know,  accidently, slipped out. fuck thats shit. i'm not an idiot. just because you get the big x, doesn't give you reason to talk shit. for reals!

on a happier note, i love my new car. it's real cheap to fill it up and does well on the mileage..which is whats up because that mini van was taking all my money. and the a/c works like a champ, but when i turned on the heat, i dont know if it was my brother's arby's but something smelled like straight up  chinese food. so i'm going to have to look into that and buy an air freshener.

i can't wait until i can make a trip out to visit laura at jmu!
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