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i really do neglect this thing.

my trip to cape cod was fun. minus laura busting up her leg and us having to go to the er. actually, im not going to lie, riding in an ambulance for the first time was fun. we did a lot of shopping, and i bought some neat little things. and going to the drive - in was fun, and the play we saw was hilarious. hopefully laura and i will make another beach trip next year, just to some place a little warmer.

this week is seriously a shit fest. someone busted out my tail light in the mall parking lot. then i locked my keys in the car at pat's house. we just wanted to watch 300!
after the boys tried and tried to get it unlocked, a repo man came to my rescue. but hey, they really did try.

so, i can't help it, really, if i am frustrating.
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