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[18 Nov 2013|10:05am]

I feel like I'm racing against the clock. January 1, 2014. I will put quite a few things behind me and never look back, if nothing changes between now and then. There can be no turning back.


repeater [25 Apr 2011|08:14pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

and I'M the asshole? please.


[24 Oct 2010|09:10pm]
pretty much friends only

lift up your head [05 Dec 2009|11:46pm]
[ mood | restless ]

listen to "welcoming home the astronauts" by flickerstick. from start to finish. do it.


nike [23 Oct 2009|01:07pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i've been wrong all this time. it was my fault. how could i even blame you?


[22 Oct 2009|08:21am]
[ mood | sick ]

i hate any type of cold weather. every year i think maybe i'll change my mind. but nope, this is bullshit.


dear . [06 Oct 2009|11:20am]
[ mood | sleepy ]


i take it back. thank you for telling me to listen to "daisy" again while reading the lyrics. it makes more sense.
i wish things weren't the way they are now. maybe the dreams would stop. i'm sorry for the trouble i've caused.


if you see this [25 Jul 2009|07:19am]
you're a liar, and i hope you have a miserable life.

hope [23 Mar 2009|01:21pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

if you're lost you can look and you will find me
time after time
if you fall i will catch you i'll be waiting
time after time


[20 Sep 2008|12:31pm]
between this june and september, i don't remember you at all.

[11 May 2008|07:32pm]

oh boy

booo [18 Mar 2008|10:58am]
[ mood | busy ]

i never remember to write in this thing.

let's see
let me shout to laura- happy birthday!!
the past several weekends have been pretty cool. and by pretty cool, i mean amazing.
gap has been blowing me, seriously. i have an interview at children's place tomorrow. i'm pretty excited.
sleeping in until 5pm on sunday really helped me catch up on my sleep.
i watched "once" last night. what an incredible movie. i also watched "into the wild" the other night. i need to figure out what i'm going to watch next.
easter is this weekend, i'm excited to see my grandparents.
saturday night after work is andy's goodbye party. i'm going to miss him so much. i'm going to have to fight back the tears when we go to the airport next week.
i'm so ready for summer to get here. hopefully when i get this new job, i'll be making bank. and i will buy a ticket to bonaroo without putting myself in the poor house. so bonaroo, the beach with my family and laura, and hopefully lots of mini-trips.

diana, where are car gang boyfriends!?


4:31 [14 Dec 2007|04:31pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

i'm tired of sitting at home all day.


i know you're busy [26 Oct 2007|11:29am]
[ mood | anxious ]

nfg was awesome.

it's good to be back at work.

no braces and jew in just a few days!


[03 Oct 2007|02:48pm]
livejournal is extremely useful. you can always count on people to read it.

i don't feel i should have to be careful with what i'm saying, because of who might read it.

nearly everyone i know is two-faced. and everyone loves to talk shit. it's a bad combination. i've said this before, but i've done a pretty good job of filtering out what i don't need in my life. and what i definitely don't need, is people starting drama, when i couldn't care less in the first place. i'm tired of seeing people constantly chooses sides, or being forced to choose sides over shit that doesn't mean anything. i care a lot  about my friends. my friends. not the people who talk shit about me behind my back. not the the people who judge me for things that they aren't concerned with.

it may be surprising, but i'm actually happy with most of the things in my life. and  the things that aren't so great, i'm doing the best i can. i'm sorry if i want nothing to do with childish bullshit.

a minute or a minizzle? [29 Aug 2007|04:59pm]
[ mood | awake ]

work is going well. i'm happy with the managers we have, and i'm glad that bitch is finally leaving!

i feel like i'm slowly but surely filtering out my friends. i'm realizing that people don't usually deserve half of the credit you give them. for real, they deserve a smack. i need to start some damage control. i'm tried of certain people running their mouths. and then! claiming it , you know,  accidently, slipped out. fuck thats shit. i'm not an idiot. just because you get the big x, doesn't give you reason to talk shit. for reals!

on a happier note, i love my new car. it's real cheap to fill it up and does well on the mileage..which is whats up because that mini van was taking all my money. and the a/c works like a champ, but when i turned on the heat, i dont know if it was my brother's arby's but something smelled like straight up  chinese food. so i'm going to have to look into that and buy an air freshener.

i can't wait until i can make a trip out to visit laura at jmu!


[15 Aug 2007|08:55am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i really do neglect this thing.

my trip to cape cod was fun. minus laura busting up her leg and us having to go to the er. actually, im not going to lie, riding in an ambulance for the first time was fun. we did a lot of shopping, and i bought some neat little things. and going to the drive - in was fun, and the play we saw was hilarious. hopefully laura and i will make another beach trip next year, just to some place a little warmer.

this week is seriously a shit fest. someone busted out my tail light in the mall parking lot. then i locked my keys in the car at pat's house. we just wanted to watch 300!
after the boys tried and tried to get it unlocked, a repo man came to my rescue. but hey, they really did try.

so, i can't help it, really, if i am frustrating.


[10 Jun 2007|11:20pm]
shit sucks.

i'll lay it out for everyone. [27 May 2007|11:37am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i've pretty much distanced myself from most, probably all of my friends. i don't know what else to do. i don't want to be around anyone. and when i am, i barely know what to say or how to act. just because i can't drink or smoke, makes me less fun to be around? am i disappointing everyone? maybe i am being irresponsible. but i'm trying to do what i think is right. some support would be nice. it must be nice to have your parents pretty much pay for everything, to barely have any responsibilities, stay out and party every night because you have no job in the morning, or even if you do, it's not a big deal if you get fired, have someone pay for you to go to school, and push you to do well, but you could care less about going. it must be fucking nice. maybe it's good that i'm pushing myself away. i've got things i have to go, and i least i'm owning up to it. maybe this will all be a disaster, maybe it already it is. but, maybe it won't be, maybe it will work.  i don't know why i expected anyone to care, or understand. fuck it.


[15 Apr 2007|01:09pm]

i'm so tired, i just need a good night's sleep. i'm sick of this weather, i just want it to be warm outside.
&i need to quit complaining.

so, my new job, is interesting? i guess you could say. i'm more bored than anything half the time i'm there.

i feel like too many people give me their opinions, but they don't come from a good, honest place. or maybe they are just too honest.

i'm just ready for summer to get here.

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